After 14 weeks you will understand how to:-

  • Memorise landmarks easily
  • Visualise an environment and have an idea of how it will look from a different direction
  • Develop your spatial skills
  • Orientate yourself in an unfamiliar place
  • Decipher how a town is shaped and follow tips to make sense of it
  • Use tips to find your way around a building
  • Concentrate on navigating
  • Estimate distance and direction
  • Use a map, compass and road atlas
  • Use navigational signs from nature
  • Understand a bit about how your brain makes sense of navigating
  • Give and receive directions
  • Prepare for a journey
  • Cope if you become lost
  • Use the road system of England
  • Have a strategy to know English organisations that can help the disabled with their wayfinding
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