Some Commonly asked Questions

Can I print the book?

You can print off a copy of “steps in the right direction” as soon as you receive your EBook. Certainly this will be useful if you want a portable version to accompany your travels. You will need to print off some of the puzzle pages included in the swots in order to use them.

Can I use the content in my work or other publications?

You cannot post this document or the information it contains on any electronic bulletin board, Web site, FTP site, newsgroup, or ... well, you get the idea, without permission from the Author. The only place from which this document should be available is the “Steps in the right direction” Web site. If you want an original copy, eMail me.

Can this book be used anywhere in the world?

Yes, this book is packed with helpful tips that can be used anywhere, and your money will be refunded if this is not the case (see money back guarantee). The author is English and therefore the book is written using British information and places. Occasionally non-British readers may need to find the equivalent information from their own country using a search engine.

Can I Share this EBook?

There was a lot of work that went into putting this document together. I can't tell you how many countless hours have been researching the material from which this information was compiled. That means that this information has value and all rights to the information in this EBook are Reserved worldwide under the Berne Convention, therefore it may not be copied or distributed without prior written permission.

I ask that you do not share this information with others - you purchased this book, and you alone have a right to use it on your system. Another person who has not purchased this book does not have that right. It is the sales of this valuable information that makes the continued publishing of ”Steps in the right direction“ possible. If enough people disregard that simple economic fact, this EBook will no longer be viable or available.

If your friends think this information is valuable enough to ask you for it, they should think it is valuable enough to purchase on their own. After all, the price is low enough that just about anyone should be able to afford it.

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